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THE ROLE OF CULTURE ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN SAUDI ARABIA: INTRODUCTIONSaudi Arabia is the largest Muslim country that is governed by the Islamic law principles known as Shari’ah. Ford revealed that there are 85 percent Sunni Muslims and about 15 percent Shi’a Muslims among Saudis in the kingdom. As the Shari’ah law is the guiding principle of government rule, it does not only govern spirituality and religious practices. Instead, Islamic law also guides the practices of law, business and taxation.
In the world of economy, Saudi Arabia has drawn most attention to its largest production of petroleum. As the largest petroleum producer and exporter, Saudi Arabia is also the world’s richest in reserved oil. Other than the oil business, Saudi Arabia has also generated income from its tourism sector especially with the presence of the two holy cities in Islam, Makkah and Madinah. According to AlMunajjed, every year millions of Muslims from all around the world gather in these cities either for umrah (visiting) or pilgrimage. Other than the two cities, Saudi Arabia has also received a large number of tourists in other parts of the country such as Jeddah and Riyadh.
Being the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been attracting the world’s attention over the time. The presence of the two important holy cities, Makkah and Madinah has made it a place of gathering for millions of Muslims every year. Saudi Arabia today takes up to 80 percent of the Arabian Peninsula with about 2,250,000 square kilometres in the southeastern part of Asia. With Islam as the formal religion in the country, the Shari’ah law being executed is led by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz as the highest ruler. The king is also the custodian of the two holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah. Despite the two holy cities that are busy with local and foreign visitors throughout the year, the main government building is located in Riyadh as the capital of Saudi Arabia. However, there are main administrative located in regions including Makkah and Madinah, Al-Baha, Al-Jouf, Asir, Eastern, Jizan, Najrain, Hail, Northern Border, Qasim, Tabouk and Riyadh itself. With the populations of about 28,376,355 including 8,429,401 non-nationals, Saudi Arabia has relatively young populace with half of the population are aged under twenty years old. This confirmed Kronmere’s contention that the population growth rate in Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest in the world. Besides the huge number of population resulted from the high growth rate of the citizens in the kingdom, there is also a large percentage of expatriates. easy payday loans

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