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Relationships between Innovation Capabilities, Business Performance, Marketing Performance and Financial Performance: Methods

We have analytically searched the following 19 main journals of Innovation Capabilities journals; among it is: The Impact Of A Responsive And Proactive Market Orientation On Innovation And Business Performance, Innovative Capabilities Operations Priorities and Corporate Performance In Manufacturing Firms, Dynamic Capabilities A Review and Research Agenda, Technological Innovation Capabilities and Firm Performance, Customer Relationship Management and Innovation Capability An Empirical Study, A Research In Relating Entrepreneurship, Marketing Capability, Innovative Capability and Sustained Competitive Advantage, Organizational Innovative Capabilities Malaysian Firm, Innovation Capability and Export Performance An Empirical Study Of Textile Businesses In Thailand and Empirical Research On The Effects Of Organizational Innovation On Organizational Performances.

In addition, we have also searched 9 primary Innovation Capabilities; among it is: The Relationship Between Environmental and Business Performance An Empirical Study Conducted In The Dutch Food and Beverages Industry, Strategic Marketing and Business
Performance A Study In Three European Engineering Countries, Benchmarking Marketing Capabilities For Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Beware The Silver Metric Marketing Performance Measurement Has To Be Multidimensional, Innovation Sources Capabilities and Competitiveness Evidence From Hong Kong Firm and The Effects Of Innovation Capability On New Product The Evidence Of Zhejiang Province. We have also checked the references sections of the selected articles to identify and have a better understanding in this area.

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