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PERCEIVED ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT AND ITS IMPACT TO THE TURNOVER INTENTION: METHODOLOGYSPSS method has been used to test the significant relationship between the variables. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a computer application that provides statistical analysis of data. It allows for in-depth data access and preparation, analytical reporting, graphics and modelling.
The target population is defined as the entire group a researcher is interested in. The target populations in the research are covered from the top level of employees to lower level employees in Penang’s Hotels. The estimated population is about 1000 of employees total up within the three hotels.
Sampling frame may not be relevant to the non-probability techniques. This is because we did not have the name list of the respondents. So it is not suitable in this research.
Sampling location is where study being conducted. The research have been conducted the sampling in Penang Gurney Drive area. The three hotels were included G hotel, Gurney hotel, and Evergreen Laurel Hotel.
The respondents were staffs from top level management to low level in the hotel industry which is G Hotel, Gurney Hotel, and Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Questionnaires were distributed to different ranges of respondents which are based on age, gender, education level, income level and race. As a result, it can help to generate different perception among the respondent to obtain the accurate result in the research.
The research group used convenience sampling as sampling technique. Convenience sampling is referred to the collection of information from members of the population who are conveniently available to provide it. Convenience sampling is most often used for research because it was the best way of getting some basic information quickly and efficiently.
The total size of the sample was taken to conduct the research is 278 respondents which were the staffs from top level management to low level employees in G hotel, Gurney hotel, and Evergreen Laurel hotel. The sample size is based on the target population and then only determines the sample size. The sample size for a given population size table are the source taken from under Research methods for business: A skill building approach. The questionnaire consist a total of 278 sets of questionnaires.
Research instrument acts as a medium for data collection. Questionnaire has been used to measure the research result as it allows the collection of primary data in an inexpensive way within a short period of time from a large number of respondents. The research group used the questionnaire with fixed alternative questions; it enabled the respondents to complete the questionnaire with clear understanding. This was because the questions gave respondents specific, limited alternative responses.

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