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PERCEIVED ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT AND ITS IMPACT TO THE TURNOVER INTENTION: CONCLUSIONThis hypothesis is supported by Allen and Meyer; they found that organizational commitment has a negative relationship with turnover intention. In addition, others literature also suggests that employees turnover intention is affected by organizational commitment.According to Samad, the past research found that organizational commitment has a negatively correlated with turnover intention. Besides that, the past research survey get the results reveal a negative correlation between organizational commitment and turnover intention. For example, lower commitment for the employees will increases turnover intention which lowers commitment further.
Throughout this study, it had its limitations. One of the limitations of this study is the sample size not large enough to represent the large group of people. We only could target to particular geographical area in the hotel industry at Penang state which is G Hotel, Gurney Hotel, and Evergreen Laurel Hotel to conduct the survey. It caused the results of the study to be unable to generalize to large sample size. Therefore, the results obtained in this study could not be strengthening.
This research study provides some suggestions for future researchers who are interest in conducting a research study that is relevant to this research topic.
Future researchers should also increase the number of respondents to improve the accuracy of research. This is especially important to ensure that the minimum amount of respondents can be attaining for each category for the desirable test. This is because the amount that distributed to the respondents will not completely match the amount that is set according to the sample size. So it is better to distribute more to the respondents.
Besides that, future research could be done by including more the locations for the survey to have better representation of the nation. In this research, we only include people who are located in the Penang Hotel industry. If the research covers in all the state in Malaysia, the outcomes could be different so that the result will be more desirable. If researchers are able to reach people from other countries, this is because the differences in culture may lead to different perspectives and point of view. More accurate can be generate through widening the location of survey.Furthermore, the research may add more relevant independent variables in the research study. So that, it could be generate the result due to reflect the purpose and value of this study. This is because there are so many other variables than can affect employees’ intention to leave.
Employees’ commitment is very important for an organization because they can help the organization to run their business more effective and efficient. Once the employees’ commitments reduce, the organization will face the difficulty in retaining the employees. It will cause the turnover intention rate will be higher. Besides that, the commitment of employees which is high, they are more preferred to stay and work with the organization rather than leave the organization. Therefore, organizational commitment has a negative relationship to affect turnover intention. In other words, perceived organizational commitment will give impact on turnover intention.

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