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Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: The Need for Enterprise Integration

Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: The Need for Enterprise IntegrationWith the core identity management infrastructure in place and the UAE population fully enrolled in the Population Register, the following challenges were identified in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate national population register:

• Keeping the ID card and the personal profile information updated per the life events in the citizen/resident life cycle;
• Managing the card life cycle in synchronization with the identity life cycle; and
• Keeping the population register updated in near real time.

The primary reasons behind these challenges were seen to be twofold:

• Clear identification of the sources of information, and
• Lack of integration between the different government entities and the ID-issuing authority.
Considering these challenges, the government commissioned a comprehensive study to address these challenges, focusing on the development of an enterprise integration strategy bringing together the different sources of information.

The State of Person Profile Information in the UAE

The UAE government has categorized the personal profile information into six key domains:

• Core Identity: Citizens’ and residents’ core identity information, such as name, residence and naturalization status, biometric data, digital certificates, and ID card numbers
• Employment: Data providing information about current occupation and employment status
• Health: Life information, including birth details
• Academic: Education details of schooling and higher education and related information
• Legal: Judicial information, including marital status

Based on the aforementioned key domains, it was essential to hold workshops with over 20 federal and government entities from the seven emirates to understand their role in maintaining such information, the business processes in relation to the feasibility of adoption of the national ID, and the technology used to maintain and store such information.
The outcome of this exercise was a detailed study in the integration of these government entities for managing the personal profile information in the National Population Register managed by the ID-issuing authority. The following diagram shows the mapping of the person information to the federal and/or emirate government entities.

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