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Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Summary and Discussion continue

Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Summary and Discussion continueThis in turn led the UAE to study different topologies of integration such as hub-based integration and bus-based integration.
As explained earlier in section 2, in hub-based integration, government entities can connect to a central or federated hub. This connectivity enables stakeholders to send and receive data securely through re-usable messaging and integration interfaces to a centralized data hub. On the other hand, bus-based integration introduced the concept of decentralized messaging between different applications by sending and receiving data akin to a television broadcast. This respects the fact that different stakeholders have their own databases and services, but need to share data in delivering their services effectively.
The UAE integration strategy recognized that integration is the key to not just providing an identity to an individual but also to create a complete identity profile and more importantly manage this identity profile for its currency. It is in this context that a new integration strategy has been drawn up.
The primary consideration of the UAE integration strategy is that different stakeholders (e.g., government entities) can connect and send information that can be received by one or many government entities without the need to physically connect to the individual infrastructure of the government entity. This is envisaged to provide a level of flexibility for sending data sets to multiple government entities using a single message similar to a broadcast, albeit securely. This is the basis of the UAE’s new integration strategy.
It is also recognized in the UAE that the identity profile created in the national population register spans the life-events of an individual and that life-events need to be updated in real time in the population register. Accordingly, the program has identified different sources (i.e., data owners) that contribute to the personal profile (e.g., Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, to name a few). The new integration strategy envisages going beyond point-to-point connectivity by providing business process integration in addition to

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