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Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Integration Strategy Overview

With the results of the study highlighting the different data sources for person profile information, the government has formulated a comprehensive approach to develop an enterprise integration strategy and meet its strategic objectives.
The enterprise integration strategy was designed to be in complete alignment with the overall identity-issuing authority’s business strategy and objectives. The integration strategy formulated the integration strategic objectives and outlined the priorities of the integration components.
A comprehensive enterprise integration strategic framework was also developed to define the key components to develop an agile and practical integration strategy that will have an
overarching contributional impact on the identity-issuing authority’s overall business strategy.

This integration strategy led to a set of initiatives covering the people, process, technology, and on-boarding of government entities into the enterprise integration initiative. Each of the initiatives was prioritized and used to define an enterprise integration roadmap that was actionable and executable. The following diagram depicts the methodology adoption for the integration strategy development.

Integration Strategy Objectives and Priorities
The enterprise integration strategy was architected to achieve the strategic objective of implementing an integrated and up-to-date secure national population register and deliver ID management services to UAE federal and local government entities through a flexible and adaptable service-oriented architecture.

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