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Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Integration Framework

Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Integration FrameworkThe framework for the enterprise integration strategy was based on the identity-issuing authority’s corporate business strategy and objectives as the main drivers with consideration for enterprise integration best practices, enterprise integration technologies, and on-boarding external and internal entities on the proposed integration platform. Also, the framework ensured alignment with the internal ICT department initiatives and current environment. The resulting enterprise integration strategic objectives and priorities were defined across a number of enterprise integration strategic components, as shown in Figure 6 below.

• Integration Models: Defines the multiple integration models to government entities to access the services provided by the enterprise integration platform.
• Integration Services: Defines the business services providing integration capabilities to the national population register required to maintain an up-to-date national population register and services where government entities and potentially business to access the register. The technical services facilitate the platform and application services and the internal and external integration at the identity-issuing authority.
• Integration Architecture: Defines the required technology architecture including the needed applications, integration, data, infrastructure, and security to fulfill enterprise integration needs.
• Integration Function: Defines the required enterprise integration organization and structure to support the roll-out of the enterprise integration strategy.
• Integration Roadmap: Defines the detailed roadmap to implement the enterprise integration strategy covering the people, process, technology, and government on-boarding initiatives.
• Integration Security: Defines the security requirements for state-of-the-art security measures covering integration services access and authorization, data encryption, and secure transport.
• Data & Integration Governance: Defines the service, data, and security governance measures to support the enterprise integration unit and its function.
• Integration Principles: Defines the general integration principles that are the rules and guidelines for the integration, platform standards, change management, and others.

Figure 6

Figure 6. Enterprise integration strategic components

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