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Connected Government: An Exploration of the UAE’s Identity Management Integration Strategy: Conclusion

The UAE integration strategy implementation is based on integrating systems for updating the population register in real-time as per the occurrence of the life-events. In the first phase of integration, there will be integration at systems level for updating the population register in real-time as life-events occur. In the second phase of the implementation, the infrastructure will provide the required business process integration to ensure the validation of the data updates coming from the identified sources of information (data owners). This will bring in the much required data governance needs and the business rules for validating the automatic data update in the national population register.

The third phase of the integration strategy implementation envisages the data subscription and data sharing services on account of an up to date population register. This will ensure that the nation as a whole is served by the current population register and will enable efficient delivery of services to the citizens from the government, securing in the knowledge that the service is being delivered to the individual who he or she claims he or she is.

This article has attempted to provide some practical insights into a government integration strategy design and architecture that aims to improve identity life cycle management. The explored initiative is believed by the UAE government to propel the country to a leading position in providing integrated identity management solution and support its strategic 2021 vision of being among the top ten countries in the world.

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